Working with Vidrio Formas since 1997

Our association with Vidrio Formas started in 1997 with the commissioning of their first multi-line automated glass bottle production facility, including a 43” wide System 500 distributor and three 26” wide System 500 forehearths, each with a forehearth tonnage range of 40-70 tonnes per day.

In 2007 we were involved in the expansion of Vidrio Formas’ glass production operations by supplying the distributor and forehearths for their second furnace, consisting of a 54” wide distributor, two 43” wide forehearths and two 36” wide forehearths with a maximum furnace capacity of 300 tonnes per day.

Furnace 1 was rebuilt in 2010, incorporating the upgrade and enlargement of the three forehearths to 43” wide forehearths capable of tonnage ranges of 40-90 tonnes per day with a maximum furnace tonnage of 240 tonnes per day.

Over the last 2 years our 25 year collaboration with Vidrio Formas has been renewed with the supply of materials for the forehearth and distributor rebuilds for both furnaces. Furnace No. 2 was re-commissioned in 2020 with Furnace No. 1 to be completed.

Furnace 1

Furnace 2

System 500-43 Distributor

System 500-43 Distributor

3 x System 500-43 Forehearths

2 x System 500-43 Forehearths

2 x System 500-36 Forehearths

240 tonnes per day

300 tonnes per day


We have worked with PSR throughout the development and modernisation of our company since their involvement in the installation of our first fully-automated glass container furnace.

As a fellow family run manufacturing business we have always enjoyed our collaborative working relationship and the technical expertise and service provided is second to none.

Having recently completed the rebuild of the forehearths and distributor on one furnace and with a second furnace rebuild to be completed in the coming years, we look forward to continuing our relationship over the next furnace campaign and beyond.