Long-life refractory solutions with 

proven track records.

Forehearth Refractories

As a refractory manufacturer we design our refractory systems with the knowledge of what can be achieved and the best ways to achieve it. We understand refractory contractions, expansions and tolerances and design our glass conditioning systems using the best engineering standards so as to optimise service life and performance.

PSR-SM62  62% Al2O3

PSR-SM62 is the primary material used for forehearth & distributor superstructures and is an in-house development that combines high strength and low creep with excellent resistance to thermal shock.

Single-piece roof blocks in SM-62 can be manufactured for forehearths up to 72” (1830mm) wide.

PSR-333  11.25% ZrO2

Due to its excellent thermal shock characteristics, PSR-333 is used for superstructure applications where the refractory may be exposed to excessive changes in temperature, such as mantle blocks, skimmer blocks and any roof blocks which are installed hot. It is also an excellent material for colourant forehearth superstructures where its unique closed pore surface inhibits penetration from the corrosive vapours associated with the frit feeding operation.