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Refractory Products

The manufacture of refractory products was the foundation of our business more than two centuries ago and throughout our history we have specialised in refractories for the glass industry. This is a tradition that continues to this day.

The automated and continuous glass container manufacturing process demands consistent production, minimum down-time and the highest product quality. We offer the highest quality refractory materials to meet these demands, providing longevity, reliability, and accuracy.

Each year we produce up to 1,500 tonnes of refractory products, using traditional slip cast methods.

With over 50 years’ experience manufacturing feeder expendables, we have a wealth of expertise, providing our customers complete confidence in the performance of our products.

All our expendable products are slip cast, rather than chemically bonded or pressed, ensuring a smooth, dense exterior layer of refractory for greater corrosion resistance and a long-service life.  Our R&D team works closely with customers to respond to their needs, to continuously develop and improve on our existing range of products.

Forehearth channel blocks are manufactured for most typical container and tableware glass applications from our PSR-333 material. Manufactured using a slip-casting process, the inherent dense refractory exterior results in exceptional corrosion resistance and long operating life, easily achieving the required furnace campaign life.

With equivalent corrosion characteristics to fused cast α-β, but manufactured from the slip-casting process, our dense bonded alumina material, PSR-993, is an ideal solution for distributor glass contact refractories and specialist forehearth channel blocks.

We design, manufacture, and supply the refractory assembly for our System 500 forehearths, providing the complete package for glass conditioning when combined with our engineered products and services. We are also able to service the requirements for other forehearth designs, whether it is by upgrading and improving existing systems or supplying the replacement refractories.

Thanks to their non-porous surface our superstructure blocks are resistant to corrosive forehearth vapours and their high degree of mullite development provides excellent strength and resistance to thermal shock.

From pure alumina to fireclay, we manufacture a range of materials that can be used either as glass contact or back-up for all sectors of the glass industry. Applications include float furnaces, container furnaces, electric melting furnaces and day tanks.

Slip cast or pressed, fired at high temperature, diamond ground on sequential grinding machines, pre-assembled and match-marked, our furnace blocks provide precise, high quality, uniform materials you can rely on.