Furnace Blocks

Furnace blocks are manufactured

for all sectors of the glass industry. 

Furnace Blocks

Furnace blocks are manufactured for all sectors of the glass industry.

From pure alumina to fireclay we manufacture a range of materials that can be used either as glass contact or back-up. They are used as back-up material in continuous glass melting furnaces and as glass contact material in smaller low-tonnage furnaces. Slip cast or pressed, fired at high temperature, diamond ground on sequential grinding machines, pre-assembled and match-marked, our furnace blocks are used in all types of furnaces from float glass furnaces to container glass furnaces, electric melters and day tanks.

PSR-993 99.7% AI203

PSR-993 was designed for use in the distributor and the forehearth but can also be used in conventional working ends or other glass contact or non glass contact areas where the temperature is less than 1400°C. Containing 99.7% Al2O3 it has equivalent corrosion characteristics to fused cast α-β alumina, and being a slip cast product does not have the shrinkage cavities associated with the fusion casting process. Its absence of glassy phase also eliminates the risk of ‘cat scratch’ cord associated with fused cast AZS refractory materials.

PSR-VC60 60% AI2O3

PSR-VC60 is a sillimanite grade refractory material containing 60% alumina. Principally manufactured from andalusite it is a slip cast block that can be used in glass contact applications such as working ends and day tanks.

PSR-VC40 40% AI203

PSR-VC40 is a fireclay (chamotte) grade refractory material containing 40% alumina. It is a slip cast block that is commonly used as back-up in the bottom of all types of glass melting furnace.