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We have extensive experience in the design, operation, and maintenance of glass conditioning equipment, with over 700 forehearth/distributor installations since the initial development the world-leading System 500 Forehearth concept in 1992.

Our design and engineering team is experienced in all areas of forehearth and distributor design, installation, operation, and maintenance; providing our customers with a complete before and after sales service to ensure projects are properly conceived and professionally implemented.

Uniquely combined with our refractory manufacturing capabilities, our engineered products provide the complete package for the glass conditioning process.

With over 30 years of experience and continuous development, our System 500 forehearths and distributors are designed and configured to maximise production capacity whilst maintaining glass quality, thermal homogeneity, and energy efficiency. This has been proven to benefit our customers with energy savings of up to 50% over alternate systems.

Our forehearth and distributor systems are supported by our MR-5000 Combustion Systems and 3000S Control Systems to achieve optimum results in glass conditioning.

With a full money-back guarantee provided with every system supplied, our Cord Dispersal System is the only proven solution to the common problem of ‘cat scratch’ cord. Our systems are also effective in the removal of colour streaks and cords caused by glass chemical inhomogeneities and are effective at improving glass thermal homogeneity. Each stirrer system is designed and configured to suit the existing forehearth configuration and provides the best solution possible to the specific problem.

Installed either during a furnace shut down or on-the-run during a scheduled job change, our CDS is not only easier to install, but is also effective in eliminating the glass wastage associated with the alternative forehearth drain solution.

Colouring in the forehearth involves the addition of colouring frit that is melted and stirred into the glass to produce glass in a wide variety of colours.

The ability to change the glass colour in the forehearth without the need for a furnace colour change provides production flexibility, the facility for limited production runs of coloured glass and adds value to our customers’ range of products and services. PSR colourant forehearths are carefully designed and configured based on the production capacity, operating details, forehearth layout constraints and colours required to achieve optimum colour and thermal homogeneity.

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