Working with Quinn Glass and Encirc since 1997

Our association with Quinn Glass started in 1997 with the awarding of contracts for the distributors and forehearths for their greenfield glass factory in Derrylin, Northern Ireland. Over the following year we supplied and commissioned the 8 forehearth and 2 distributor installations for Furnaces C and F.

PSR Client - Encirc

2004 saw the next major milestone in our longstanding relationship with Quinn Glass with the construction of their new facility in Elton, Cheshire in the North-west of England, and with it the commissioning of the largest container Forehearth and Distributor installation in the world. Furnace B commenced production in 2005 with a distributor and 7 forehearths, swiftly followed by Furnace a, operating a distributor and 6 forehearths.

In 2006 the Furnace B installation was upgraded to incorporate a colourant system on Forehearth B1. With a maximum capacity of 100 tpd for coloured glass production, the forehearth is capable of producing a wide range of colours including, dead leaf green, cobalt blue, black, grey and Georgia green. Subsequently rebuilt and increased in capacity to 115 tonnes coloured glass production per day this represents the largest colourant forehearth installation supplied by PSR to date.

2007 saw the rebuild, upgrade and expansion of Furnaces C and F in Derrylin with all distributors and forehearths being rebuilt and enlarged with Forehearth C1.1 converted to a ‘C-shaped’ tandem forehearth.

Now known as Encirc Ltd. and part of the Vidrala Group, our collaboration has been renewed as we embarked together upon the rebuild and upgrade of our installations across all four furnaces in Elton and Derrylin between 2018 and 2021.

The latest of these, Furnace A, was expanded with the addition of a 7th forehearth to achieve a furnace tonnage of up to 860 tonnes per day and individual forehearth tonnages of 60 to 160 tonnes per day to become the largest glass container furnace in the world.

Each of these latest supplies has been accompanied by performance guarantees to achieve Thermal Homogeneity Efficiencies of 97% for white flint glass production and 95% for coloured glass production, temperature control stability of ±1°C and typical energy consumption figures to demonstrate the unrivalled energy efficiency achieved by the System 500 forehearth design.

Encirc Elton Encirc Derrylin
Furnace A Furnace B Furnace F Furnace C
System 500-54 Distributor System 500-54 Distributor System 500-72 Distributor System 500-72 Distributor
5 x System 500-54 Forehearths 6 x System 500-54 Forehearths 2 x System 500-60 Forehearths 1 x System 500-48 Forehearths
2 x System 500-60 Forehearths 1 x System 500-54 Colourant Forehearth 2 x System 500-48 Forehearths 2 x System 500-60 Forehearths
      2 x System 500-60 Tandem Forehearths
860 tonnes per day 800 tonnes per day 435 tonnes per day 440 tonnes per day