We need to talk about values.

Over this past couple of weeks, PSR has been unveiling the work they have been investing into identifying and better communicating the core values which sit at the heart of the Parkinson-Spencer Refractories business.

PSR Core Values Image
PSR Onboarding Booklet
PSR Core Values Workshop

Simon Parkinson, Managing Director since 2019, says:

“We now employ nearly 100 people and work with the global glass industry. Our heritage goes back to the 1800s and we have a solid reputation in the market. After conducting some external research which shared some excellent feedback, we felt that it was important to articulate what is important to us as a business and share our core values. These values are what influence the way we work as a business and are familiar to our customers, our employees, and our partners.”

The PSR team has been delivering staff workshops to involve employees in the next steps that are going to be taken to further embed the values. During this time new signage to promote the company’s values has been put up across the manufacturing site and training room. The values have been shared on the website, a video to welcome new employees into the PSR family has also been launched, and a new onboarding booklet to accompany the video has been shared.

Director Joanne Parkinson has been managing this project and says:

“We like to have an open and honest communication with our stakeholders and the sessions that we have been running have enabled us to talk to our employees and share work we have been doing. Everyone has had a chance to input and have their say.”

This project all started with some external research with our stakeholders and some of the comments that we made. Here are just a few.

“PSR has a family type approach, with a focus on relationships and reputation.”

“You can talk with PSR in a clear and transparent way.”

“PSR understands our needs very well.”

“PSR are true to their word and trustworthy.”

“The PSR business is honest and genuine. This is key for us”.

“PSR meets and often exceed customer expectations across all product areas”.

“PSR are open, flexible, and willing to adapt to our needs.”

“PSR has a level of support that goes beyond what I see in others – they stand by their product”.

“PSR is friendly, not a faceless corporate.”

Joanne continues:

“The sessions with employees have given us an opportunity to find out more about what they think and how behaviours associated with values can be embedded further. We have also talked about bringing our values to life more through reward and incentive schemes.”

PSR’s Core Values

Spanning eight generations, our strong family values have been at our core since day one, and we maintain that ethos today. We have a loyal, multigenerational workforce and we believe in working together and supporting each other, just like a family would.

Forward thinking
We are a forward-thinking business, always challenging the status-quo. We are continuously innovating through research and development and striving to improve and grow in a sustainable way.

Service Orientated
We believe the best way for us to succeed as a business is to always listen to our customers and understand their needs. Our skilled, well-trained team provide the very best experience.

We believe in a collaborative approach and in building strong relationships. Our goal is to help everyone succeed together and we take pride in nurturing our employees, customers, partnerships, and agents.

We work together and support each other, just like a family would because when people are supported, they can achieve amazing things. We go that extra mile to support our customers, always aiming to exceed their expectations. We care for our people and the environment, and work had to build a sustainable business for the future and provide a supportive place of work.

We are open and honest with our co-workers, customers, and partners and this fosters healthy relationships we can be proud of. We always aim to do the right thing and create an environment where people are encouraged to speak up and share ideas.

We are a friendly and approachable team to our customers, partners, and workers. Our helpful and knowledgeable team works together with our customers towards a common goal of success.