Investing for a sustainable business

As part of the energy intensive ceramics and glass industries, Parkinson Spencer Refractories is fully committed to operating an environmentally ethical and sustainable business and our latest investment is in a new, onsite Battery Storage System. 

Sustainabe business - battery system

Parkinson Spencer Refractories is committed to operating a sustainable  business. As a large consumer of energy, we know that the choices we make today matter for the future. That is why we have already invested in on-site wind generation and we are transitioning toward electric vehicles. PSR’s latest investment sees the installation of a Battery Energy Storage System with microgrid technology to make the best use of our renewable electricity resources.

The 250kW/250kWh battery, incorporating a 400kVA MAX Voltage Optimisation System, is not only capable of supporting our site in the event of a power cut, but enables us to use energy more efficiently. Each step we take brings us closer to our goal of a sustainable future.

As a manufacturer of refractory materials for the glass container industry, the majority of our products require sintering on one of our seven high temperature gas fired kilns, at temperatures of up to 1550°C, over periods of 7 to 21 days. Any interruption to these firing programs can cause damage to the product in the kilns and delays to our manufacturing schedules. This is because failed kiln firings usually have to be restarted, once product has been allowed to cool naturally, and then inspected for any damage. We are therefore reliant on our continuous energy supplies in the form of gas and electricity.

To protect our equipment, product and production schedules, we approached Powerstar to provide a solution to our electrical energy supply security. The 250kW/250kWh Battery Energy Storage System which has now been installed is capable of powering our site for up to two hours. It will also cover most electricity supply outages, with the majority of these events only lasting for seconds or a few minutes.

The incorporation of the Voltage Optimisation system provides both economic and environmental benefits. By regulating the electrical supply voltage to the site the system ensures we only use the electrical power we need. This reduces our electricity consumption and our indirect carbon emissions, supporting our drive to 0perate an ethical, sustainable business.