Engineering Services

Engineering Services

As a refractory manufacturer we design our refractory systems with the knowledge of what can be achieved and the best ways to achieve it. We understand refractory contractions, expansions and tolerances and design our glass conditioning systems using the best engineering standards so as to optimise service life and performance.

Key Features

  • All our engineered products are designed, manufactured and tested in-house.
  • Auditing of competitor forehearth and distributor systems.
  • Regular audits of PSR forehearth and distributor systems.
  • Training of operating and maintenance personnel during commissioning and as an after sales service.
  • Forehearth & distributor maintenance contracts.
  • Remote access to PSR control systems to provide rapid assistance and troubleshooting.
  • Glass conditioning training courses.
  • Endoscope inspections.
  • Forehearth and distributor warm-up services.
  • Supervision of on site installation of forehearth and distributor systems by experienced engineers.


From the proposal stage through to installation, commissioning and beyond, our engineering services team work with our clients to ensure seamless integration and operation of our equipment in the glass factory.

Following acceptance of a job, the project is managed through the in-house design, manufacture and testing phases by our engineers who then oversee the installation and commissioning of our equipment on site. We carry out on the job training of operating and maintenance personnel as well as classroom based training programs. Our involvement doesn’t end with the completion of the project, providing on going support either remotely or on site, on going training of operating and maintenance personnel and regular audits as required to ensure that the results which our equipment achieve are maintained throughout the furnace campaign.

In addition to supporting our own equipment we also offer audit services for other forehearth and distributor systems, using our glass conditioning expertise to suggest how improvements can be made. We can also provide glass conditioning training courses to forehearth operators.

Our special temporary burner lances provide an easy solution for forehearth warm ups on existing furnaces where the furnace warm up is not required. Equipped with flame detection and spark ignition the burners are automatically shut-off in the event of flame failure. The equipment is controlled and monitored by our engineers providing 24 hour supervision throughout the warm up procedure.

As part of PSR’s graduate training program we take on engineering students from local universities for a 1-year placement as part of their degree. This allows the under-graduates to spend time in our technical services department and even, in many cases, gain experience on site by assisting our engineers on forehearth and distributor commissioning jobs. This policy has been very successful, with many of our current design and engineering team having gone through this process before returning to work at PSR after their graduation.