British Ceramics: Towards Net Zero Commitment

PSR has become a signatory to the ‘British Ceramics: Towards Net Zero’ initiative. This was recently launched by the British Ceramics Confederation (BCC), a representative body PSR is a member of. 

The British Ceramics: Towards Net Zero initiative brings together businesses from the ceramic manufacturing sector in the UK. It shares best practice approaches and proven decarbonising technologies, helps nurture and encourage industry decarbonisation, and communicates related challenges for the industry.

Many years of development, planning and investment are needed. PSR signing up to the initiative shows a commitment to working together to tackle one of the biggest global challenges of our generation.

The UK was the first major economy to commit to ‘net zero’ carbon emissions, by 2050, and this is a challenge requiring innovation and commitment. In a world facing the realities of environmental degradation, we all have a role to play.

As part of the energy intensive ceramics and glass industries, PSR is committed to operating a commercially profitable business in an environmentally ethical and sustainable manner. Our sustainability commitments are demonstrated by the importance we place on ongoing projects to reduce the energy used in the manufacture of our products. For example, our two on-site wind turbines generate up to a third of our factory’s electrical power requirements. Find out more here.


For information about the British Ceramics: Towards Net Zero initiative click here.